Millions of people around the world use apps such as Instagram and Snapchat every single day. These free services have changed the face of how we share memories, document our day-to-day lives, and show off the things we love to our friends and family.

Instagram in particular is a great way to not only snap photos that you want to keep, but it’s also a great way to share images with our friends. Whether that means sending on a particularly adorable animal video to a group via DM or tagging your sibling in a post they simply have to see, sharing is a large part of the Instagram culture.

We all have features we love and features we hate about every app on our mobile devices. While most features can be overlooked, especially on free apps, we simply couldn’t ignore the latest Instagram creation – Stories.

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

It’s true that Snapchat is not everyone’s cup of tea. Aimed predominantly at the younger generation, Snapchat has quickly become a favourite amongst older users too. While we may not all use the app the same way, we can all agree that Snapchat is fairly unique in its layout and how it offers a small glimpse into the lives of those we follow.

When Instagram recently released their own version of Snapchat, aptly named Stories, we know we weren’t the only ones who felt a little taken aback. Was Instagram really copying the unique offering that Snapchat had already created? Were they honestly being that blatant about taking Snapchat on? The Internet was abuzz with whether or not Snapchat users would now flock to Instagram Stories, while loyal Snapchat users snubbed the new feature outright.

Our biggest concern was that Instagram was releasing yet another feature that nobody had asked for.

5 features we’d rather see on Instagram

We completely understand that as a free application, Instagram can do whatever it pleases and release a myriad of features without ever consulting its users, but these are the 5 features we’d rather have in the next update instead of Instagram Stories.

1. The ability to edit comments

How amazing would it be to have the ability to easily correct that silly typo without having to delete your entire well-constructed comment and start again? Seeing as we have the ability to edit captions, this one can’t be too far off in the future, right?

2. A dedicated hashtag section

If only there were some way for Instagram to allow us the opportunity to put our SEO-friendly hashtags in a dropdown area that could easily be hidden. No longer would our feeds need to be cluttered with hashtags unless we wanted to see them. We think an area that could be accessed via a dropdown arrow or even a button would be fantastic. So neat. So tidy.

3. Saved Instagrams

Much like Facebook lets us add posts, videos, and photos to a ‘Saved’ section for perusal later on, it would be fantastic to have the ability to save Instagrams by other users. Whether it be one of those epic mini-recipe videos or the details of a product we’d like to buy at some point, being able to refer back to older Instagram photos without having to go on the hunt would be a huge help.

4. Clickable links

Yes, we realise that this one lends itself to a world of spam comments, but those are always hanging around anyway. Not only for marketers, but for individual users, being able to share clickable links in captions and comments would make life so much easier than constantly having to update the link in our bio. Come on, Instagram, we promise we’ll use the clickable link responsibly!

5. Let us hide Instagram Stories

If Instagram is not willing to get rid of Stories entirely (because it seems to be popular whether we like it or not), we would really love a way to be able to hide the Stories section from our timeline. If we’re simply not interested, why force us into seeing it every time we open our app?

Those are the top 5 Instagram features on our wishlist. Do you agree? Tweet us and tell us what you hope to see in the next Instagram update!

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